Dear Panther Parents,

Semester 1 Midterms Exams will be held on December 18th and 19th. These will be early release days, with students exiting campus at 1:00 PM. No afternoon transportation is available on these days, so please plan accordingly with your child. Lunch will not be served on these days; however, students will be able to eat a light snack between exam times during the 15 minute passing period provided.

December 20th is a final exam make up day. The campus is open until 11:30 AM.  If your child needs to make up a final exam due to an absence, this needs to be arranged with their teacher prior to this day.  If your child completes their final exams on the 18th and 19th they do not need to attend school on the 20th.

Exams will occur at the following times:

December 18th:

  • Period 1: 7:55 – 9:25
  • Period 2: 9:50-11:10
  • Periods 3: 11:25-12:55

December 19th:

  • Period 4/5: 7:55-9:25 (Students will not have their community connection class/lunchtime this day. They will go to either 4th or 5th hour)
  • Periods 6: 9:50 – 11:10
  • Periods 7: 11:25 – 12:55

December 20th:

  • 7:55-11:30:   Make up final exam day for any students with a Monday and/or Tuesday absence. Students should contact teachers to arrange his/her specific make up exam time.

If your student attends a West-Mec class or has an abbreviated schedule, permission slips will be sent home to allow your student to leave after their finals are completed. Students will not be permitted to leave campus early without parent permission on those days.

To maintain the validity of our exams, no early testing is permitted. Students who are unable to test on regularly scheduled exam days will need to schedule a time between January      10th and 12th with the classroom teacher to complete any make up exams. Students will receive an “I” on their 1st semester report card until the exam is completed and grades are      finalized.  Exams that are not taken by this date will impact student eligibility.


If you have any questions, please contact Misti Andrews at 623-455-7404. Thank you for supporting PHHS!