Dear Parents/Guardians:
In order to contribute to the setup and efficient execution of the annual Paradise Schools Community Carnival, PHHS will participate in an early release schedule on February 23rd along with our PHES and PHMS campuses. This will assist all of our student and staff volunteers in getting their carnival booths set up before the carnival starts at 4:00 pm. We are excited to offer this opportunity to those who work tirelessly to ensure the carnival’s success.
The following bell schedule will be implemented on this day:
7:55-8:36       1st Hour        (41 minutes)
8:40-9:21       2nd Hour        (41 minutes)
9:25-10:06     3rd Hour        (41 minutes)
10:10-11:03     4A/4B Lunch (53 Minutes) 
11:07-12:00    5A/5B Lunch  (53 Minutes) 
12:04-12:45   6th Hour         (41 Minutes) 
12:49-1:30     7th Hour         (41 minutes) 
Thank you for your continued support of all we do here at Paradise Schools and we look forward to seeing you and yours at the carnival on February 23rd