We would like to share some information in regards to eligibility as it pertains to PHHS and participation in sporting and extracurricular events.

Per our student handbook on page 17, eligibility is declared every other Monday (bi-weekly) starting week four of each semester.  On Monday holidays, eligibility will be declared the following day.

When eligibility is pulled, students who are ineligible are not made eligible once they improve their grades.  There is a two week period where they sit out.  If their grades go up, they are allowed to practice, but they cannot participate in the games, shows, meetings or activities until he/she becomes re-eligible.

Students who are declared ineligible shall be ineligible for a minimum of two weeks beginning the Tuesday (or day after) grades are pulled. Students who are ineligible cannot attend sporting or campus events during periods of ineligibility.

The Principal is the only one that can reinstate any student on the ineligibility list.  The only time the principal will do this is if the teacher made a mistake in their gradebook and that the student was ineligible as a result of the teacher’s mistake.

Please see the eligibility policy located on page 17 of the Student Handbook for more information.

Students must have their student IDs to attend games to confirm that they are eligible to attend. Any students without proper proof of ID in order to check eligibility will be denied entry.

As always, we thank you for your support and helping us to maintain an environment of high academic standards.




Jessica Alessio

Principal, Paradise Honors High School